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I notice that several of the Access form designs have some kind of repeating graphic, like this one that has a ribbon-y sort of look in the header:
I have my own logo that I'd like to use with our own custom colors, but how do I set it to repeat like that? And does anyone know how the theme's blue gradient image can accommodate if a user resizes the form? Does it just stretch? I am using Access 2007.
Thanks in advance for your help!
All you need to do is place an image in the form header (look at the form in design view and notice the little dividing line between Form Header and Detail, just drag down to make the space, then Insert --> Picture.
FAIK, the image won't stretch if the user resizes the form, but they shouldn't have any need to resize the form if the UI is set up correctly.
Please see the attachment hastily knocked together
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