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Hello All

I'm looking to create a macro in my 07 database to copy a current record into a new record but leave certain fields blank.

My database is being used to store details of company IT assets and who they are assigned to. At the moment when we get a batch of new machines in we have to create each new record from scratch which can be quite annoying for the end user if there are around 100 laptos delivered. wary.gif

I've had a look for the past couple of days but i'm getting nowhere fast.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

On your Form for the Data input of the New Laptop Details you can place a Button which can be created to "Add New Record"

This will copy the previous Record and then you would need to modify only those fields which need to change
Hi Mike

Thanks for the reply

I don't know how i missed the "Duplicate Record" function of the button.

That works fine but it would be even better if i could include the "Set Value" function within the macro to set certain fields of the new record as blank.

Any ideas? confused.gif

Convert your Macro to VB and you can add in specifics
The conversion keeps failing for some reason. No reason given.

It's not the end of the world but i'll just keep working on it. Thansk for your help.
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