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I have an application written with Access version 2007 and installed on a network. All of the workstations are running MS Office v2007.
The application works fine.
Each year we redistribute the application front end to the users.
The majority of workstations have had their desktops made a 'Trusted Location', but it is not unusual for a work station to be re-imaged. Re-imaging leaves the desktop not being a "Trusted" location.
When the user opens the application in a non-Trusted location the results are very confusing to them.
Is there a way that I could trap the event (opening in a non-trusted environment) and show a message?
Graham R Seach
No, because the code to do it all is untrusted.
You should not make the desktop a trusted location anway. Is there a reason you don't put it in another location, say c:\Temp\ , and trust that? If you do that, you can get your organisation to modify the image to include a specific location.
You could also include in the image a startup script the creates the registry keys to add the trussed location and/or set the macro security level to low.
nother option is to use an lurcher app (EXE) that sets the trusted location before opening the database.
s afraid of that.
Thanks for your response.
The reason that we use the desktop is that we are dealing with a large number of people with varying degrees of computer savviness. They do know where the desktop is!
We use certain individuals as helpers for the less savvy and eventually get all work stations working properly.
I was just hoping to find a simple way to alert users when the environment is not trusted.
I auto "trust" it at login.
Graham R Seach
OK, but you can create a Windows Shortcut on the desktop. Your admins can do that too.
Absolutely you can.
In Access 2007 and Access 2010 you can check the status of CurrentProject.IsTrusted using an AutoExec macro (or perhaps in the Load/Open of a startup form). If it's not trusted, then display a message or perhaps a macro-only simple form explaining what the user must do.
For a working example, download and open the Northwind 2007 sample database from a non-trusted location to see how this works.
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After reading Graham's comment that "No, because the code to do it is untrusted." I slept on the problem.
woke up with this solution..
frmOrder was set as the default opening form.
Ocreated a Splash screen with a label. The label tells the user that they have opened the app in an untrusted location, what to do and whom to contact.
I made the splash screen the default opening form.
In the OnLoad event of the splash screen I put code to close the form and to open frmOrders.
If they open the app in a trusted location the OnLoad code runs bringing them to frmOrders; if they open in an untrusted location then they see the Splash screen.
I appreciate the various other solutions posted since they help me learn more about how access works.
Graham R Seach
Sounds like a good solution. border="0" alt="thumbup.gif" />
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