Full Version: List Box Update After Adding/editing/"deleting" A Record
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I can't seem to get this list box to update itself when I add, or edit, or "delete" a record. (I wrote delete as "delete" because I'm not really deleting the records. I have a Delete button that writes the date into the record, and when that field has a value in it, the query doesn't return that record, so it's like the record is deleted, but it's recoverable if I wanted to.
nyway, I can't get my list box to refresh itself when I do any of these three things. I'm using the me.listboxname.requery command. I've tried it in the Form's current, after update, and dirty events. Nothing happens. How can I do this? Thank you.
Doug Steele
Using Requery in the AfterUpdate event should do it. You sure the code's actually firing (and that you're doing the requery on the correct control)?
Got it, thanks a lot for your help and keeping me on track.
On each of the appropriate controls' after update events, I had to do this and it worked perfectly:

Thanks again.
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