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First I would like to say hi. I am an Access newbie and this is my very first database ever.

My database tracks and documents production rework.

In my database I have this example.

1. "DR" Table ( this is the one and only table in the database)

2. "Rework Manhours" Query (data from the "DR" table)

3. "Rework Manhours" Form (data from the "Rework Manhours" Query)
a. This form is a pivot chart which seems odd to me that a "form" would be a chart.
b. I created the Pivot Chart and I am not sure how this works but it is a "form".

I have a command button that opens this "Rework Manhours" Form / Pivot Chart from a "dashboard" type of Form that opens when you open the database.

The issue is that as time goes on the data in the Pivot Chart will keep populating and will be useless. It would be great if I could choose start and end dates and only display that specific data.

I found a way to do it for reports here: http://allenbrowne.com/casu-08.html but unfortunately I don't think you can display a report as a pivot chart. I have no idea how to apply this to my needs but the concept does seem to be right in the ballpark.

The Pivot Chart is a MUST HAVE.

I am really trying to create a slick user interface as the entire management will use this database to gather information and I want to make it presentable to the VP.

Can someone help me with this? As this is my very first database, I am not sure I will understand everything you say so please be patient.
it might be a bit early to start building sophisticated slick front ends, telescoping knowledge does have its benefits, but at such an early stage I wouldn't do that, I think you need to start learning different options & techniques, that are relatively easy. I think the best options for you at this stage are:
) Create a parameterised query: ie. If your date field is called say "Process Date", in the Criteria box for this field in the Query "Rework Manhours" type the following
Between [Please enter a start date for the data] And [Please Enter an end date for the data]
this will cause to pop up parameter boxes with the text in square brackets to pop open when you open the form
2) On the Pivot Chart include the date field in the filter area of the Pivot chart, this will allow the user to filter the chart at will
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