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Entering data into a combo box (drop box) and get to a certain point which the builder will not let me add any additional values. Is there a text limit to a drop box? If so, any way around that? I have 96 employees to enter and am stuck at about 75.
Jeff B.
In a form? Is the combobox control set up as a Value List, or are the entries going into a table?
More info, please
Yes, in a form. The data is being stored in a particular field on a table. The Value List option is set. I'm not sure exactly what that means.
Jeff B.
I'm a bit confused...
If the combobox is set to use a value list, it is NOT storing the values in a table, but in a list.
What table do you find the new values in?
Brand new table with only one form as of now. The combobox is storing the data in a field called Employee in the table.
Jeff B.
... still confused. How can the combobox on your form be set to use a Value List, but be storing data in a table?
Sorry, Jeff. Was misunderstanding you. Yes, it's storing the values in a list.
I guess I'm confused now too. I'm simply making a drop down box that has all of the names of employees in it. When clicked, the drop down box lists the employees and I click to insert one. The data is being stored in a field called Employees, which is in a table called Disciplinary. Hope that helps.
Jeff B.
So we're talking about two different things.
One is the list of employees. The list is being stored in a "value list", basically "inside" the combobox control. Consider creating a new table to hold those, and pointing the combobox at the table instead. Managing a value list can get problematic over time.
The second thing is storing records about something, with one of the fields in those records being which employee.
Describe the table structure of that table, in which an employee is just one of the facts ...
(... and where does the "builder" come in? Are you doing this in design mode, for a form?)
Yes, this is accurate. Will that table be linked to the field in the other table, should I go this route?
Simple table. Ten fields.
Employee - Text
Position - Text
Month - Text
Day - Date/Time
DisciplineType - Text
Description - Memo
Level - Level
Points - Number
AccumPoints - Text
TempStat - Text
Yes, pulling it in design mode for a form.
I'd actually prefer to store the values in a list as it will be constantly updated with adding new employees and removing them. And honestly, the girl that's going to be adding and removing isn't that tech savvy, so the easy-to-edit list is my first choice. I've just never seen it limit me to the amount of information I can put in the list and that's what's going on now.
Jeff B.
"will that table be linked to the field in the other table"
efine "linked" ...
If you're talking about using a "lookup" data type, don't! Keep the combobox in the form.
HAs for a limit in a value list, I have no experience (I don't use 'em!). Have you tried an on-line search?
Unfortunately, you're limited to 2,XXX characters in a list. I just went ahead and made a table. Thanks for trying and giving me some insight, Jeff.
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