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will soon be starting a project to convert several Access 2003 apps to 2007. A good many of these apps have custom menu bars and I am hoping to find a utility that might help do this, or perhaps a simple step-by-step reference. These new Ribbons will need to be compatible with 2010 as well going forward. While I have converted many 2003 apps to 2007 and 2010, none have had custom menu bars to deal with. Being as there will be several of these I thought I would check here and see if any of you experts might know of a utility or other resources in this area of conversion that you might recommend. Any information or references would be very much appreciated.
Not sure if this link answers your question but it should be a good place to start.
Access Ribbons
Hope that helps...
Just learn all the basics about how to put together the XML in USysRibbons table. Once you get comfortable it's not that difficult to do ribbons. Picking the images is usually the most work. There are a few image names that work one way in 2007 and then change in 2010 just FYI.
The site on the last post is a good place to start.
the site already mentioned, http://www.accessribbon.de has a sample Access 2010 database (SampleRibbon4) that gives you all the built-in images available. They also offer a tool for building a ribbon (though I have not tried it myself - I have been manually writing the XML code in an effort to learn how it works).
Hi DBguy,
Thank you for the information. I have tried Gunter's Ribbon Creator, and am not sure that I really want to create a new ribbon. There are only a few custom functions that are now on a QA type bar in the 2003 app, and most of them are simply opening a form, or linking to an outside source. That is why I thought about creating some custom commands that I could select to add to the QA in 2007 instead of the built-in commands. Or even an add-in type bar. There are some tabs on the regular ribbon that the client wants to retain for the users to have access to, but, adding the additional commands to the QA bar would be enough.
I am not sure if creating custom commands with their own icons that can be added to the QA is doable in 2007. If so, I would like to know how to do that.
Hi Mark,
I have played around with the XML in the USysRibbons table in the few ribbon creators I have tested with, and I am not sure that is what is really needed, a new ribbon. I am thinking more of a QA bar with custom commands added that the user can use for the specific needs of the app, and still have use of the normal ribbon functions. Most of the functions are merely macro type commands, to open forms, link to outside sources. There would be a few that would required a drop down, such as a combo or list box to select from, but, only 2-3 of those. There are maybe a dozen custom functions, and it does not seem time worthy to create or customize the entire ribbon for that few. But, I am not sure if the custom commands can be created that can be added to the QA bar. Is that possible?
You cam customize the QA bar at the top (I don't remember the limitations). See that ribbon site for examples. I don't do that one too much. If you want to have the dropdown on the ribbon itself you would need to addon or create a new ribbon. I believe you can just add on to the default ribbon (again I don't do that one ever), I always use a custom ribbon that only gives the user what I want them to have. Note: you can put all the standard stuff on a custom ribbon. There are some examples out there of custom ribbons that duplicate the default ribbon in access.
always just tweak the XML by hand.
You can also just add buttons at the top of your forms that do things (sometimes that works just as well).
Albert Kallal has some good ribbon examples as well, look him up,
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