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Hi All,
I'm back with yet more questions about my database!
My db needs to be used by people with even less idea about using databases than I have.
My original thread is here:
Oneed to create a form which allows people to enter the data for new staff members. This data goes in to several tables which are all linked to a basic table with the staff number/last name/first name basics. Is there a simple way to do this?Or a better way to make an 'entering data for dummies' process?
Hi Jo
Can you upload a copy of your Db so we can see the structure
In answer to your question I would normally do this by means of Main Form / Subform
configuration with the Subform(s) being placed on a Tabbed Control
Hi, Sorry for the late reponse, been out of office for the vacation. Would it still be possible to get some feedback on this?
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