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Is there any way to change the way a control bound to a memo field is displayed. I just want to do things like indent the beginning of each paragraph and leave a one-line space after each paragraph.
’m not talking about using rich text or something like that, which would add the formatting to the content of the record, I’m only talking about how the text is displayed.
Even if I have to use a report to accomplish this. I just want a way to get a more attractive and readable format than is offered by the way access usually displays the plain text format.
I’m using Access 2010.
In Access 2003 when a Textbox bound to a Memo Field is placed on a Form its Enter Key Behavior Property is set to New Line in Field. When entering data into such a Textbox it will appear just like you enter it!
IF you indent a paragraph, the indention will persist.
IF you hit <Enter> twice at the end of a paragraph, before starting the next paragraph, a blank line will appear and persist between the two paragraphs.
I'm assuming that these things are true in 2007/2010, as well.
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Thank you. I knew about the enter behavior, but I should have mentioned that I'm pasting the text from word files. So I guess I will have to create a macro to turn ^p into ^p^p.
But how do I indent in Access? The Tab key just moves to the next control or record. Do I just have to use the space key, or is there another way?
Thanks again.
Use the <Space> key is the only way I know of.
Have you actually tried importing test data from your Word file to see if the formatting persists? When doing Validation for 'empty' fields we Usually use something other than IsNull() because, I am told, one of the few ways of actually getting Zero-length strings in Access is to import data from formatted files.
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I have tried it. The formatting only stays when I'm using rich text, but I don't like the idea of not being able to easily change the formatting later. So I'm sticking with plain text.
When manually typing into a textbox using the Tab key will send the focus to the next control, but you can run a Replace() on some imported text and change/add vbTab character for indenting. Another option may be to catch the tab keystroke using KeyDown and turn the usual tab behavior into a vbTab character (assuming you don't mind the users not being able to tab from the field).
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