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I have a form that is opening where the data source is a query. One of the fields in the query is Data Owner. I have a formula for data owner that says if the client and plan number have a corresponding record in the admin table use that name.
That all works fine but if the field is blank in my form (no admin found) I want the user to click the combo box and select a name from another user table. When I try it I get a message "Data Owner is based on an expression and cannot be edited.
Any ideas on how to make this work?
Thanks in advance.
Hi Trice,
ere's what I imagine you could do:
1. Use a Textbox to display the name (instead of a combobox).
2. Place a combobox under the Textbox with just the dropdown arrow showing.
3. When there is something in the Textbox, the user will see that value.
4. When the user clicks on the dropdown arrow, the combobox underneath the textbox will show up on top and the user will be able to select a new name.
Hope that helps...
In effect, you want to be able to add a data owner to the record which, right?
If this is the case then I would personally scrap the formula which I assume is in your query and stored in a table. There are various reasons why it is generally a bad idea to store calculated values.
I would then make the join in your query 'left join' tbl admin and include whatever name field it is you need to include so you can then update it via the combo box.
If you could post the SQL for your current query and your relevant table structure I might be able steer you in the correct direction regarding your query.
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