Full Version: Set Stdpicture Object To Form.picture (or Control.picture)
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Hi all,
I'm curently writing a database that contains a modified snippet of code I found online. It basically renders a BMP as a background for my form (amongst other stuff). This is all good and I've modified it as needed - working perfectly.
However, the BMP itself is actually loaded from an external file as follows (condensed code):
Dim objBitmap As StdPicture
Set objBitmap = LoadPicture(stBitmapPath)
This, as I say, works fine.
However, I don't want to reference an external picture but a BMP I am already using on the form. For example, a form I have created has a background picture that I want to pass to this defined object in VBA. I have therefore tried:
Set objBitmap = form.Picture
However, this gives a Type Mismatch error.
I've searched various forums and tried various combos of code and cannot for the life of me figure this one out.
I'm not usually a person to write for help unless I really need it - prefer to try and try 'till it succeeds (you know the type < ) - as such, help from a greater man (or woman) would be appreciated!
A gentle bump to see if anyone can help on this one?
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