Full Version: Combobox Isn't Going To Record, Can't Be Selecting, And Not Automatching!
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I have a combobox that I placed on a form using the wizard's selection, "I want the combobox to look up records on my form".
But 3 things are not happening the way I want:
1. When you drop down, you can't CLICK on anything to select it. You click it and it is as if you aren't clicking on it. Nothing happens, the dropdown expansion stays expanded.
2. And of course, the form doesn't go to any record.
3. you can't type in the combox at all - and i want the opposite, I want you to be able to type, and as you type, it matches your entry letter by letter.
I've looked at all the combox properties over and over, and nothign stands out to me. It's enabled=true, locked=false, the form is NOT data entry and not allow edits/additions/deletions, but I still want people to be able to surf thru the records. Limit to list, I've put that to yes and no, makes no difference.
What troubles me is I have another combobox on another form that appears to be identical in all properties (and in the fact that the form is also a read-only form), and it works perfectly.
Where do I make it match-entry, selectable once you drop down, and go to a record???? no run time error is happening either?
Jeff B.
So, did you set up the combobox on the other form (the working one) the same way (i.e.,using the wizard)?
If so, I've noticed that Access sometimes gets ... "confused". When that seems to be happening, I'll typically junk the offending form/whatever and start from scratch.
JOPO (just one person's opinion)
rtunately I can't really remember. I know recently I have been shying away from the wizard (albeit a bit shyly!) in trying to learn the coding behind it instead of using the wizard as a crutch. since the wizard seems to give out some cr@ppy/incomplete code anyway.
hh...I've done so much work on the design of this form, I hate to trash it. I've trashed the combox and recreated it a dozen times..but yeah, I'm starting to wonder about the form itself. Although it comes up just fine, shows all the records, and i can use various methods (including the scroll bar on my mouse), to comfortably surf thru its records.
If you don't allow edits on the form, then the contents of the combo box cannot be changed.
I thought that was the purpose of "Limit to List" property - to decide that issue & say Yes, limit to the list of the row source. Otherwise it seems redundant.
o what's the solution if I do not want to allow edits to the records, but I do want a combobox to look them up/surf thru them. Just have all fields Locked?
That would be one way. Lock all except the combo box. Or another way, would be to put the records themselves in a form contained in a Subform Control. Put the combo box on the main form and use it to filter the form inside the Subform Control.
oh ok, thanks Frank !!!
You're welcome. I am glad I could help.
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