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I am convertnig my embedded macros on my forms in Access 2007 so I can run my database for users of Access 2003. After I ran the conversion I get the following error on my forms when I hit the command button. "Microsoft Office Access can't find the name 'Combo1' you entered in the expression." Below is my code. Anyway to fix this?
' NewGateProfile_Click
Private Sub NewGateProfile_Click()
On Error GoTo NewGateProfile_Click_Err
If (Eval("IIf([Combo1] Is Null,True,False)")) Then
MsgBox "Please select an Airport Code before proceeding", vbOKOnly, ""
End If
If (Eval("IIf([Combo1] Is Null,True,False)")) Then
End If
DoCmd.OpenForm "Gate Entry", acNormal, "", "[Master].[Airport Code]=[Forms].[Open1].[Combo1]", acAdd, acNormal
Exit Sub
MsgBox Error$
Resume NewGateProfile_Click_Exit
End Sub
I resolved this issue just add Forms.Form Name before the Combo1
Me.Combo1 should also work, just fyi for the future
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