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Kaleem Mohammed
This is gonna sound weird and I know you would ask... why?... but...
k... I have a control that when clicked... it moves a picture from Point A on the form to Point B... via
object.top = 60
object.left = 1500
No problem there...
Ousually use this to test the value of exactly where I want stuff to go.
MsgBox "" & Ctl1191.Top
MsgBox "" & Ctl1191.Left
So i put it where i would like the object to go, and click a control to tell me the top/left values...
No problem there...
I wanted an object to move from the body, to the footer...
When I checked for the top/left value while the object was in the desired place in the header i got
Top = 60, Left = 1500
Great so far...
When I ran my move code with those values, the object moved to the top of my Body, and not on the desired spot on the Header.
I tested it, via my msgbox method. The place on the body, has the same top/left values as on the place on the header...
Problems here now... v_v
Any ideas on... what to do?
PS:... just for today's sake... May the 4th be with us... (starwars pun...) .. .. .. .. ok carry on...
nstead of moving the picture from Body to Header, make the picture visible or not visible. Just a suggestion....
Not sure you can move a control from one section to another -- the Section property of a control is, I believe, read-only.
suppose one way around it would be to create an identical control in the destination section, and then just hide the originating control and show the other one, and set its data, picture, etc. the same as the originating one.
For the life of me I can't understand what you're trying to do here, but Top and Left are in relation to the top-most and left-most corner of the Form Section in question, not to the Form as a whole. So having two different positions on the same Form with the same Top and Left values is quite possible, as long as they are on different Sections of the Form.
And I do not believe that Access allows for moving a Control from one Section to another, in this fashion.
Linq ;0)>
Kaleem Mohammed
yeah... the purpose was nothing major or important.
I have a tendency to try out random crazy stuff on ms access.
sort of rolled out the idea. Dont think its probable... but if I do find a way.. will post it here for reference.
Other solutions were to set the pic invisible, and make visible when required like Razmaddaz suggested.
Another solution was... set the pic to a blank image, and use image01.picture = image00.picture.
That solution however, requires the image file to be at a fixed location. (Even though image00 has its picture embedded...)
Anyways... thanks for the feedba
Well good luck and glad we ALL could help!!!
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