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How can I build a form where each data item will be a different type of variable, i.e.
1 answer will be a combo box value
q2 answer will be a date value
q3 answer will be a text value
the form would have the question and answer columns of about 40 questions in a grid?
Hi Andrew,
That should be possible but it is very important to know the table structure that the form is being designed for. Can you describe them and the purpose of the database? Thanks.
Just my 2 cents...
we have an application at work that I want to duplicate in my database. The database structure for that one has separate tables for integer, combo box, text, date responses to each question. So the question is how can I make a similar data entry form with an answer box that relates to the question that will accept dates, combo box items etc.. I have attached a sample screenshot.
uppose I could just create a table with a field for each question, but this seems more interesting.
Hi Andrew,
If you want to store the answers in different data types, I think you will just have to create a separate field for each answer. You can store the questions in another table. For example:
CustomerID, pk
QuestionID, pk
Question, text
CustAnswerID, pk
CustomerID, fk
A1, text
A2, date/time
A3, integer
A4, memo
Just my 2 cents...
Thanks was looking to avoid having multiple fields for each question.
didn't recommend that you have multiple fields for each question; instead, I recommended multiple fields for each answer - but I know it's the same difference, so I understand what you meant.
However, I don't see any other way around it if you also want different data types for each answer/question. Hopefully, somebody else will jump in with a better idea.
Sorry... Good luck with your project.
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