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I always have so many problems when using tab controls that I don't even know which question to start with.
Can someone tell me the do's and don't regarding the following?
Is there something special about the first tab control? Right now when I place anything, even just a button control, on the first page, when I open the forms the tabs are suddenly no longer visible. I know I must be breaking some sort of rule because I have managed to get this working in other databases, but I don't remember how I did it.
My biggest problems is positioning controls such as labels or buttons that are the same on each page. Especially anything near the bottom part of the form. For example I have 4 forms that all have custom navigation buttons at the bottom of the form. On 3 of the pages they are in the exact same position, but with one they are about half an inch lower.
O tried to make sure the forms are the exact same size via the Properties rather than manually but I'm not having any luck budging any of the buttons.
That version of Access are you using? Did you check if the Top and Left properties of all the buttons are the same on every page/form?
Just my 2 cents...
I am quite sure I specified it when I wrote my post, sorry. I am using 2003.
And yes I have been doing that for the last hour or so. Some properties won't accept the change, or rather they just back to what they were before. For example when I enter 0.106cm it jumps back to 0.108cm.
Olove Access, but I get so frustrated with this one feature to the point that I avoid it till the very last minute because I know it will make me temporarily hate Access!
an't think of anything else to check. Are you able to post a zip copy of your db with test data so we can examine it?
I had attached the file here but then I decided to change the contact information.
will be honest and say that I have managed to fix it, but only after hours and hours of resizing forms and tinkering around with InsideWidth and InsideHeight on Open Form. At one point I thought it might be best not to use them at all, but then I had better results when I did.
I would still be interested in knowing if you can me tell exactly what to zero in on and change.
In the attached database it opens to frmSupplies, which is the version with 2 errors:
1. the buttons on the Supplies page are higher than on Work Orders, Invoices and Customers.
2. when the form first opens take a close look at the tabs, when you click on any of the other tabs the tabs shift down slightly. After the first shift, when you click on other tabs there is no longer a shift.
BTW, I also did a test with the Customers tab, that is I deleted it then added it again and there was just a slight shift to the left of the navigation buttons. What is there about frmSupplies that is so different?
Please take a look at frmStartUp1 as well. That is as perfect as I am able to get it. The two errors above are not present, but similar to the 2nd one, when the form opens and you click on another another tab the navigation buttons shift slightly to the left. Again, clicking on any tab after the first one does not cause shifting. Am I being too picky?
Thanks for posting your db. With regards to your original problem, the issue is that you are using the Form Footer to place the buttons on each subform, which means that their placement will vary depending on what you have in the Detail section. The Top and Left properties for each button is in reference to the section they are in, so although each button is in the same location in the footer section, the footer section itself varies in position on the form based on what is in the Detail section.
Hope that makes sense...
Yes it does, partially. I know at one point I tried going the route of placing them in the detail section, but I don't remember why I went back to using a footer. I will try the former again.
Can you tell me what is so different about frmSupplies compared to frmWorkOrders, frmInvoices and frmCustomers? The latter 3 I could pretty much just place on the form as is. Although once I started trying to fix the Supplies tab I also ran into trouble with those 3.
I'm guessing it may one of the controls on the form, because I even went the route making a copy of frmInvoices and placing it on that page and the buttons were exactly where they should be, but once I had all the controls copied over, that form was back to misbehaving.
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