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I have a form on which a user enters data. When on a certain input control a certain value is met a popup form comes up prompting the user to add aditional information in an extra input control on this popup form. This all works fine, the problem is the value that is added on this popup form does not get added to the current record on which the user is working on. Instead it get's added to the previously added record. Both the main input form and the popup form are based on the same query.
How can I make it so that value is added to the current record?
Without more details about how these 2 form actually relate, I would suggest putting a textbox on the main form and simply moving the value which you determine on the popup into it. This textbox can be set to Visible = No and the user will not see it.
I think that my solution to this would be to use a bound control on the input form that is
either not visible or not enabled until the required condition is met.
If that is not satisfactory then you still need a bound control on the input form so it's
value can be set to the value entered on the popup form when the popup form is closed.
I would not bind the popup form to anything.
I was thinking about using an invisible or non-enbaled control but I kinda liked the 'in your face' popup idea because it's a critical input. Ace, how can I reference the control on the popup to the bound control on the main form? Is it something likes this?
Forms.frmpopup.inputA = Forms.frmmain.inputA
You want to move the value to the main form, not to the popup.
Got it, thanks for the assistance.
The InputBox() function is really made for this kind of situation, 'in your face' and all!
Me.AdditionalFieldName = InputBox("Please Enter Additional Data", "Input Additional Data")
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The InputBox() function is really made for this kind of situation
Good point.
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