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I wish to have a cascading combo box on my pop up form (frmsearchstring via frmmedia), where the user selects a year (this then filters the results on frmmedia from the first combo box), and then this filters the media type in the 2nd combo box to show types of media for the year selected. This then would filter the results again in frmmedia.
The tables and forms used are:
tblmedia - released, media type.
Larry Larsen
Is your attachment empty....??????
No, I just forgot to unhide the main window
I have now added the DB with the main window showing.
The first combo box will pick up a list of all the years from the field 'released' in tblmedia. Then whatever you pick from the years list, will then filter all the items relating to that year on the form frmmedia, which will then show in the media box of the 2nd combo the related media for the year picked (ie dvd, cd etc). This will then again filter the item selected in the 2nd combo on frmmeda.
Hope this makes sense!
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