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Hi there,
I'm relatively new here. Turned to access for help to consolidate my data.
Oneed to create a form, whereby it can update the table with the data that I have keyed in.
These are what I have in my table.
...Value 5
In the form, when I key in the date, and input a value which I'd like to key into Value1.
Say Date:1/5/2011 and Value 1:1000
This is simple enough, but when I need to update the table, how do I do it?
i.e. there is a new value, so i key in the date of the value accordingly which is 1/5/2011 in the form.
I need the table to be updated in such a way that if Value 2 and 3 were also filled previously, the form will automatically save the new value i'm about to key in, into Value 4. i.e, previous values are not replaced.
I hope that someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks.
ounds like a design issue. If you can have multiple values of the same thing per date then you need 2 tables: a main table for the dates and a subtable for the values. You then create a form for the dates table and a subform to place on that for the values table.
You may want to read up on normalization.
ainID (autonumber primary key)
SubID (autonumber primary key)
MainID (foreign key to tbl Main)
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