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I am developing a new customer service based database. Each of our customers has a customer ID such as ABC100. They all have one bill to but they may have multiple ship to's . What i am trying to do is create a databse where the customer service department can pull up the customer id in one drop down box, Such as the ABC100. I would have a query then pull into a table only the fields that match the ABC100, which is going to have all alternates ship to addresses. I am trying to get another drop down box to just show the alternate addresses but when i try to all i get is the customer id again. Any thoughts on how to make this work, or alternate suggestions on this database build. Ultimately i want them to pull up the alternate address so they can make special notes fro each customer ship to location.
Any help is appreciates.
That you're wanting is known as Cascading Comboboxes. If you do a search for that you'll find loads of examples
On fact, if you look in the UtterAccess Wiki you'll find details and an example as well <
It sounds to me as if all you may need to do is change the properties of the address combo so that the first column is 0 width.
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