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I am trying to figure out how to enable some "yes/no" boxes based on the value of an option group.
Please examine the attached database.
If you link the front end and the back end then open the main form: Switchboard
Please do the following:
1. Click on button: Edit Specific Student Data and Protocols
2. Select Child AA, A from the drop down box which appears
3. Click on the btton: Dial Entry Summary
4. Select the firs entry: noted as Record ID 2
If you examine the bottom right hand area of the form you will see an option box: "Screening Decision based on:"
There are two options: 1. DIAL -3 Total; 2. 1 or more area scores (specify):
You will also note that there are 5 "yes/no" boxes (Motor, Concept, Language, Self-Help, Social).
If option 1 "DIAL -3 Total" is selected in the option group, I want the following behavior:
The value of the 5 "yes/no" boxes should be set to "unchecked" (numerical value 0). The 5 "yes/no" boxes should be disabled
You will note that I have created a text box (called: "txtOverallScreenDecision") which echoes the value of the option group. I have created VBA code in the "txtOverallScreenDecision" AfterUpdateEvent.
This code is not executing. Beyond that, I am not sure if this is the right code to accomplish my goal.
Please confirm.
THere is the code:
Private Sub txtOverallScreenDecision_AfterUpdate()
If (Me.txtOverallScreenDecision = 1) Then
Me.chkConcepts = 0
Me.chkConcepts.Enabled = False
Me.chkLanguage.Enabled = False
Me.chkMotor.Enabled = False
Me.chkSelf_Help.Enabled = False
Me.chkSocial.Enabled = False
End If
End Sub
I figured out how to do this.
asically, I was misunderstanding the option group object.
Thank you to all who looked at this.
If you want to know my solution, please ask me.
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