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I'm assuming this is simple, bit I can't seem to figure it out.
I have a continuous form display information. The form is set to LOCKED, so that the user can't edit anything.
However, one of the control is highlited showing were the cursor is I guess. I tried setting tab stop to no for all the controls, but it still highlights one of them.
How can I make it so that this is not the case?
All tab stop does is control whether you can use the Tab key to navigate to it via the keyboard. What you are seeing when the control is highlighted is that it has the focus.
think in order to prevent this, you would not only have to lock the controls but also set Enabled to No.
Setting the individual controls to enabled = no seemed to do the trick, except it also changed the text color to a shade of gray??
The way I usually handle this is to set the height and width of a textbox control to 0 and
set it's tab index to 0 and tab stop to yes. All other controls have the tab stop set to no.
When just move one of the other controls over the 0 height/width control so it doesn't show
up as a small
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