Full Version: Datasheets In Access 2010 - How To Lock Columns So Sues Do Not Change Width
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I have noticed that when you upgrade a database from Access 2000 to Access 2010 - if you have a subform datasheet the suers can adjst the width of the columns by clicking on the edge of the column and moving mouse.
Is there an option to disable this so users can't change the width of columns in datasheets ?
John Vinson
That's one of many reasons I dislike datasheets and rarely expose them to user view. They give the user simultaneously too much power and too little control.
'll generally go to the (not very big) extra effort of creating a Continuous Form, which can be made to look a lot like a datasheet but doesn't have this kind of problem.
I'm curious, what do you mean by giving users too little control? I'm about to switch from continuous forms to datasheets because I see recreating all the filters and sort options in continuous forms take too much work that is not really worth the extra control developers can have especially if you simply want to display a list of records.
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