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Hi everyone,
For some reason many of the forms I have in my database have suddenly starting opening as blank windows... no controls or anything. If I switch to design view all controls are there but as soon as I go to form view, nothing...
has anyone seen this before?
Yes, I've seen it before but it's been a long time since I have. I am trying to remember what causes this.
That version of Access are you running? Do you have linked tables? Are there multiple concurrent users? Have you recently added any new objects on your forms? Have you changed the recordsource of your forms?
If the form is read-only and there is no data in the underlying recordset then this can happen.
Found that with no records in the table this happens... forms are not read only though, how would I resolve this? The need would only be there until the first records are entered but at the same time it looks low quality this way especially if I'll be presenting the database to management...
Any ideas?
Make sure that your form isn't being opened readonly using OpenForm, make sure the recordset the form is bound to is editable. Make sure all your controls are not Enabled=No, etc.
Make sure you add new records option is set to yes. if that doesn't do it, in the on load event check the recordset for EOF (end of file), if that is try go to a new record or set data entry property to yes. At this point the controls should be visible to allow data entry. Even if you don't want to allow data entry you can open it and then lock the controls or something along those lines to meet your needs.
Hope this helps,
I noticed that I had set the edit properties to no on these forms so changed them all to yes and it's great even when no records are in the tables.
reat info everyone!!
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