Full Version: Allowing Users To Customize Their Fe, Fe Is Mde ?
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I have a database where users have their FE as an MDE. (we are still on Access 2003.)
I was reading up on this a little, and I do see some warnings as far as, if you let users change colors and whatnot, that may detract from the design that I created of forms where I designed them for a pre-set level of readability, etc. (of course I could give them an option to switch back to the 'default', as well).
But my more general question is, what are your thoughts, or is it even possible with an MDE, to give the user some real simple options on forms, to customize the color, background, font schemes. Just something to make life more interesting while they are working this database.
There is something I have noticed that is irrefutable - many users do enjoy any customization they can do in most programs.
So I am just wondering.....what if any good ideas there might be to allow them 2 customize their MDE..
I'm fairly certain that customizations are possible in *DEs so users should be able to set form color, fonts & font size and that sort of thing. What you definitely can't do is change the code in a *DE file. Obviously, you'd need to create some kind of interface to allow users to specify their customizations and set it up so that your forms and whatnots can adopt those customizations, if that is needed.
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