Full Version: Entry In Unbound Field Isnull
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See the attached screenshot of my form and code. I simply want to open a record with a given AssetID or ReqID number by entering the number manually and then selecting "Search". The form works fine if I use the dropdown but does not recognize ID numbers that are typed in. How can I get the the form to recognize numbers that are typed in manually??? I've tried moving the focus to a hidden field before running the Search code with no luck. What command would give me the same result as selecting the value from the pulldown?
Jeff B.
You've described "how" you're trying to do something.
If you'll describe a bit more about the "what" and "why", folks will be better able to help.
Other than maybe you don't need to explicitly refer to the .Value property of the comboboxes, nothing jumps out at me in your code. Have you tried putting a breakpoint in the code to see if the correct data is being retrieved from the form controls, especially if their lists have more than one column?
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