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Hi, All.
I have three forms set to display as split, with the datasheet on the bottom. What I am finding exceedingly annoying is that the datasheet displays the data in the middle when the form is opened, instead of at the top. Any idea why on earth this is happening???
When I first saw the split form option I thought it would make for a really cool interface, but I had so many problems with it I abandoned it and went back to the traditional way of using forms.
On may case, I had the datasheet displayed on the left, and it would randomly resize the two different "panes" of the window, sometimes shifting my controls way off to the right about ten "inches". I think this sounds like a similar behavior you are seeing only with a horizontal orientation.
I've been using a horizontal split form for a while now without many problems.
I'm not sure I understand what you mean by the datasheet displaying the data in the middle. Does that mean there is a gap between your form and your datasheet? or that there is space from the left of the screen to the right? Or that the data that is selected is in the middle of the datasheet as you see it onscreen?
Could you post a screenshot for clarifica
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