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Hi, i was wondering if it is possible to have the text "AutoNumber" as the defaultvalue of textbox, if the data type is set to number field? I know this may seem a silly question but i have seen a number of programmes such as sage where invoice numbers etc do this and they are actually number data types.
If not i am then assuming that 2 text boxes are used to get that effect? I have managed to get it working in this way but it involves coding the lost/got focus of
all my of my controls on the form as it depends on where the user clicks or moves to next. I was wondering if there is a more simple way to achieve this?
Hi, I found a easier way... dont know why i didn't think of it in the first place. iconfused.gif
just used an unbound textbox and updated the number bound textbox on the afterupdate of the unbound one, it works exactly how i wanted.
Problem now is, I just need to make it so that only numerical keys can be entered is that possible, so if letters or symbols are pressed they just
wont show or be inputted?
Thanks in advance.
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