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Can someone look over the attached db and let me know how to achieve my goal. I am aware that there are many problems with the database. However, I would like to get help in this one area. This db was created by someone not totally familiar with access. As a result my wife takes many additional steps to find answers to posed questions. Some of the questions which are what I am trying to insert into the form are: How many time has she seen a particular person, what date she has seen the person on, etc. (The fields have been added to the form). I tried to duplicate the codes I had from an old db and made what I thought were the necessary changes. IT IS NOT WORKING. HELP!
Jeff B.
Could you provide a bit more description? Some of us (me) aren't willing to open files from folks we don't know ...
And while I understand that you want an answer to "how do I do this", by posting in this forum, be aware that some of us are likely to point out that keeping data in an existing table structure that isn't well-normalized (I don't know, just guessing) means that you and Access will ALWAYS have to come up with work-around solutions. Pay now or pay later!
Good luck
My name is Joe Hernandez: Years back I posted question with UA under the name Baron0243. Although I have not been active for quite some time I still do an occasional post. This is one of those occasion. Yes I am aware of the down side of a table that is not normalized. Please let me explain something about the db. It was created by my wifes supervisor (not a db person), in order to track students and provide some form of statistics. I pointed the problem out to my wife but she prevented me from making changes since her supervisor also works with it. In trying to make life easier for my wife in terms of her searches I added what you see on the form when you open it.
Jeff B.
Dang pointy-haired bosses ...!
don't suppose you could normalize the data and present the boss with a "flattened" query?
Oooh! oooh! I know, could you normalize THE BOSS?!
(Thank you for introducing yourself ... and sorry, I still don't open 'strange' files... Hopefully one of the other folks here can help on this...)
Best of luck!
Jeff, do you know Crystal Long?, she is also a UA MVP. She can vouch for me. I would not send any harmful material to anyones computer. Crystal and I go back a number of years. The reason I did not approach her with this request is that she has not been feeling well and is currently overwhelmed with personal work. I am sorry to say that I am not free to normalize the data for the boss nor free to normalize her. I am just trying to make life easier for my wife by adding the fields I added to the form.
If you won't open the db, can I send you the codes I copied for you to verify if they will work?
Joe Hernandez
Jeff B.
I am confident another of the UA denizens here will be able to pick up and help...
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