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I'm having a problem that I'm hoping there's a simple fix for.
've created a form with pages for co-workers to enter data into. On the last page there is a submit button which then e-mails me an Excel file with the information.
Most of the time, this works. I e-mail it as a zipped file, they save it to their desktop, unzip, fill it out, hit submit, and I get the information.
However, some folks are having an issue and I can't see why. I am getting the Excel file from them with the correct headers...and no information.
If I have them do it again, it generally works.
They are not over-writing other information. I cannot understand why some people would have this problem and others would not. Is there some reason anyone here can think of why the data would not save correctly? Can you think of a work-around so I can get my data?
Thank you!
make sure that as part of the submit process (probably right near the beginning) you save the record. this assumes the data is being stored in a table and then exported out to excel somehow to be sent to you. I've often seen data on a form entered and click a button to produce a report (or export) or a query and the newly entered data isn't included because the record hasn't been saved yet and therefore isn't part of the recordset.
The one line you can add is...
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord
Just a thought, hope this helps,
Thanks! I just saw this and I tried it (though I added it to the Macro I'd written, rather than adding it to code).
It seems to work now - so THANK YOU. It was pretty much keeping this from being useful. Now I have to figure out all the other bells and whistles. <
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