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I'm testing using Disconnected ADO Recordsets in a datasheet view form. When I edit a record I get the following error message:
quot;The data was added to the database but the data won't be displayed in the
form because it doesn't satisfy the criteria in the underlying record source."
I'm not using any triggers or stored procedures. I'm using SQL Server 2008 Express and Access 2007 (all updates installed) on Windows XP SP3.
Ofound this article and installed the hotfix. I've rebooted my computer but the problem continues.
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas how I can possibly work around this problem.
I've found a satisfactory work-around for this problem.
You have to set the form's ResyncCommand to be the same as the query for the ADO Recordset (or in other words, the form's RecordSource) except that the ResyncCommand needs to end with a WHERE clause as show below. The ResyncCommand must include the same fields, tables, and joins.
Here's an example of my ResyncCommand:
Me.ResyncCommand = "SELECT i.*, c.lft FROM tblInventory AS i LEFT JOIN tblCat AS c ON i.catid = c.catid WHERE i.ID = ?"

This problem and it's solution was mentioned in an article posted at ASPAlliance:
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