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Hi, I am playing around with connecting to a MySQL database stored on a webhost.
I have everything working fine, but i'm having to use HeidiSQL and plink.exe to create an SSH tunnel so MSAccess can connect to the database.
Are there any modules around that'll create this tunnel connection that I can put in my Access startup code?
Hi there - did you find a solution for your problem?? Thanks for a short answer. FRANK
perlfan --
didn't see the original question (seem to be asked in 2011). However, the answer is yes, it could be done if you are willing to learn a bit about COM interop. I've built a wrapper class in C# that uses a open source SSH library in C# which is accessible to Access VBA. That was a number of years ago, though; when I looked around, there weren't any VB or VBA modules that did what the C# library did, hence the COM interop extra step.
Note also that there are several vendors that sells ActiveX-enabled SSH library so it may be preferable for you to pay some amount of money instead of building one yourself, unless you like building. <
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