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I have a query that borrows from multiple tables. I have used the form wizard to make a split form that is made from said query. I am expecting changes I make on the form to go to a particular table.
hould I choose instead to make a form/subform arrangement. If so then how can the child record (subform) inherit the unique key from the parent record (main form)?
p.s. I'm still very new to this all
What version of Access are you using? Knowing the version may help us determine a more appropriate answer.
Ohighly recommend using a form/subform setup based on single tables only. Access will automatically take care of the foreign key value for the child table.
Using multiple tables query in a form could result in unexpected issues or an unupdatable recordset.
Just my 2 cents... 2cents.gif
Hi and thanks for replying,
I'm currently using windows 7 64 bit and ms access 2010. I've already put in so much time that I'd rather design my database correctly. I'm really stumped with designing this form right now.
Thanks again.
lso, do you know if your table is "Normalized?"
It is really important to have the correct data structure before working on anything else.
Thanks theDBguy,
Obelieve my tables are normalized.You were correct on the form/subform option. I've managed to create it.
Big Thanks
Glad to hear you got it sorted out. Good luck with your project.
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