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when in the Form with Hyperlinks, when I close the form it replaces the first record in my bookmark table (hyperlink field only)
with the last record I had displayed on the form. Attached is a db.zip you can see what is taking place.
Can someone help?
Access 2007
The problem lies in the Record Sources of your form & first combo box.
To accomplish what you want,
you will need to have both Record Sources
include BookmarkID.

Then Access can find the record in the Record Source of your form.
Right now, your form always has your first record as the Record Source
and that's why you are seeing this behavior.
To test this- add BookmarkID to the forms Record Source
then add the control to your form.
When you make a selection from the first combo box,
notice that the BookmarkID does not change to a different record.
THere is a link to Allen Browne's "Use an Unbound Combo Box to Search"
This will explain how to code your After Update Event correctly.
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