Full Version: Getting Non-parent/non-child Data Displayed Into Form/subform
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Hi all,
've displayed data not in parent/child tables into my subform/form. Will this cause any issues in my database?
Thanks all!
Jeff B.
Forms display data stored in tables. Are your forms "bound" to underlying data (directly to the tables or via queries)? If not, I don't see how moving data in unbound controls would alter the table data...
.. but Access main form/subform design is intended for use precisely how you are NOT using it.
Please describe what you're using that main form/subform construction to accomplish ... there may be alternate approaches that make better use of Access' strengths...
My tables for my form/subform are "total credits"(available for customers)/ "invoice". I have workers servicing customers.
ustomers have a maximum number of total credits available to them in a given date span which is displayed in the total credits table.
The invoice subform shows credits used and dates.
I am using this form for data entry purposes. My plan is to use my invoice totals and dates to calculate the "total credits" allowed in a given date span.
Jeff B.
I don't know your business well enough to comment.
think I know Access well enough to point out the standard use of main form/subform, ... and your initial description didn't seem to match.
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