Full Version: Print Form Header On First Page No Matter What Page Is First
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Hello, I have a print on my form and the button uses a Function to print because thats the only way It would give me a choice of what page to print. My trouble is it only prints the forms header on the first page and I want it to print on first page I start with. For example, I choose pages 2-3 then page 2 would print with the forms header. How can I acomplish this? Here is the function im using and calling from the print button.
Function PrintAdvancedSearch() As String
On Error Resume Next
   DoCmd.SelectObject acForm, Screen.ActiveForm.Name
   DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdPrint
End Function
Best would be to print a report rather than a form, but in any case to limit the records to the ones you want rather than ignoring some of them.
doubt there is a way to do what you want based on the print dialog selection of the pages to print. If there is a way, I expect it is complex.
Thanks bruce... Im going to keep googleing and hope for the best.
Good luck, then. If you get it to work you will probably learn a great deal about VBA in the process.
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