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Hi All,
I have a table with the following fields: Id(p. Key), PO. No., and Description. I want to ad multiple Descriptions on the same PO. No. in a form. How do I create this form?
Please Help
Anytime you want multiple items under one you need two tables.
That is the definition of a one-to-many relationship.
So create a descriptions table and create a form with a subform.
The mainform (the one) will have your p.o. number. The subform the descriptions.
You need a primary key in the one table and a foreign key in the many table so they will link.
Use the ID for that.
If you are learning Access, you should look at the sample database NorthWind that comes with your Access software. The Sales Order in NorthWind is exactly what you are trying to learn (the Purchase Order from you is equivalent to the Sales Order for your Supplier!).
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