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I'm trying to convert a 2003 database to 2007. The conversion went pretty smooth except for one flaw. Whenever a field gets the focus on a form, it turns black and I cannot figure out how to correct it. Theres a ton of code in the database even code that sets the control attributes on the form. I have gone as far as removing all the code from the forms, so there could not possibly be anything triggering it but still they remain black when they have the focus. Changing the actual properties does absolutely nothing either. Does anyone know how to fix this? Any assistance would be appreciated.
Sure there could! Have you checked the Controls to see if they have anything set using the menu Conditional Formatting?
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what do you mean, exactly? Is the Textbox becoming 'selected,' with the Back Color black and the text white? Is the entire Textbox black, whether there is text in it or not?
And lastly, Version 2007 had some similar problems with the Back Color of Comboboxes changing, depending on whether or not they had the Focus. This might be an extension of that same bug. The fix was applying SP2 and this Hotfix.
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I mean exactly what I typed. When a text box receives the focus, the text box background turns black. I'm not sure how else to answer that. I did figure it out. It was in the code. The database is extremely complex, pretty much everything in it is coded from record sources to form insertions to user permissions to custom form settings for each individual user. There was a piece of code that was setting all the textboxes like that even if I removed the code itself from the forms. It would set whatever form was open to the set parameters. It was also set, so it could not be by-passed when the database opened, so it was always running doing its thing. Thanks for the response.
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