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I have a main switchboard which has a password protected macro button which sends a summary report via email to management twice daily. On several occasions the users have voiced concerns over long spooling times (over one hour) to build the report. Since this database is used by upwards of 15 users (they do not have to log in) is there a way to display how many members are in the database? They are all supposed to exit the database during 0615-0630 & 1815-1830 hours daily so the lead officer can send the summary report. They have no way of knowing how many users are in the database and what records they have open (I am thinking this may be delaying the report). If I could display the count of users on the main switchboard It could serve as a flag for the lead officer to get members out or to restrict the summary report macro from running if the count is over 1.
Thanks in advance for any help.
There are ways to determine who is in a database, but it has to do with your setup. For more information, see:
oreover, I fail to see why people need to logout to enable so the lead officer can send the summary report?!
Is your database split?
Does each user have their own copy of the front-end?
If so, then there should be no need to kick people out to generate reports!
With regards to performance, take a look at:
Make sure your db is split, each user has their own copy of the front-end and ensure you have a persistent connection to the back-end!
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