Full Version: Why Can't I Copy/paste Form From One .mdb Into Another .mdb
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I have a front end .MDB. It has a form called Form1
copied it and tried to paste it in another, brand new .mdb file. I get the popup "microsoft protects this vba project with a password. you must supply the ......." (etc. etc. etc. ).
WHY ???
Yes the vba project is pw-protected in the source DB, but I've already gone in there - I've already expanded it - entered the password -etc - and the new one is NOT protected with a password.
Jeff B.
Not sure on the why ...
Have you tried opening the new one and importing the object?
Once I removed the VBA password from the source mdb, yes, that worked to import them using File > Import.
Seems weird how I couldn't copy and paste, even with the source file open and already gone past the part where you expand the Project and enter the password. I guess it wanted the PW totally removed from source file, such as is required before importing.
Oalso tried to export something to my desktop, then import it to new MDB, ran into same issue.
Guess it's that the PW has to be removed before doing any of the above?
When you password protect a database it also protects all objects in the database would be my understanding.
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