Full Version: Stop Subform From Scrolling Up
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Hi and thanks in advance.
I'm using Access 2003 and have a subform (continuous) that has a set number of rows and columns, so I don't want it to scroll at all. Textboxes in the subform are locked but users can double click them to update data via another form. The problem is that when you click on the subform textboxes in the last row and press any key, the subform scrolls up a little way, leaving a blank area visible at the bottom. You then have to use the mouse wheel to scroll the rows back down so they are all visible again. Subform properties: AllowAdditions = No, Cycle = Current Record, Recordset Type = Snapshot and Scroll bars = Neither, so I don't know what is causing this behaviour or how to stop it.
Hi Deutz,
That exactly do you mean by a "blank area" at the bottom of the form? Is it the row for a new record, or just white space?
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