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is there any way to remove VBA Password
For restore forget vba project password
Thank you
What would be the business reason for doing this? If this is YOUR database, you should know the password, so you can just remove it in the VBA IDE.
Just open the IDE, use your password to gain access to the code. Go to Tools==> "Database" Project Properties, and select the Protection tab, where you can uncheck the Lock Project For Viewing Checkbox.
George, I think he has just forgotten his password totally.
ill the method you describe work for him?
Thanks, Milt
No, that's the whole point of putting a password on VBA. Passwords are there to protect the intellectual property of the person who created the VBA. If we could just remove them at will, they would be useless.
There are sites which puport to sell tools that remove passwords. Because they can be used for illegimate purposes, as well as legitimate purposes, I don't refer anyone to such sites.
There are companies out there that will recover your password for a fee but you must prove that the database belongs to you or your company before they release the password.
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