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've built a database that includes split forms. If I just open the forms and change records (using the navigation buttons on the bottom), everything is fine. However, once I edit something in the form, I can no longer change forms. I just get a brief "calculating. . . " in the lower left corner (the toolbar?) whenever I press one of the arrows. I also cannot change into design view, close the window, or save the form. I've tried to google this behaviour but haven't had any luck.
Thanks in advance,
Are you using one table or two?
o you have a query driving the forms?
Is this one Mainform with a subform or is this two separate forms?
If they are mainform-subform, have you set the link from parent to child records?
I'm using several tables. Each table has a main (split) form and all share the same problem
The forms are not driven by queries, they are linked directly to the relevant table
The mainforms do have subforms and the parent-child links are set
Try driving one of them off a query and see if that is the problem.
When you normally need to requery after you add records.
Go to properties of your form and get into the events section.
In the afterupdate event, start the code builder, (little button out to the right) and type in Me.requery.
I think that might fix the problem.
Post back if it does not.
I'm getting a Run-time error '2115':
quot;The macro or function set to the BeforeUpdate or ValidationRule property for this field is preventing Microsoft Access from saving the data in the field"
Odon't have a BeforeUpdate set for any of the controls and I don't think any of them have a ValidationRule
Check to see if the fields in the table allow zero length. If not, they need to, except for your primary key.
yes, they all allow zero length.
may just scrap my progress and revert back to an older database, at least that one saved properly.
Thanks for your help though.
Solved it. It turns out that putting the Me!LastModified = Date() in the form_AfterUpdate is not a good idea. Once I put it in the BeforeUpdate instead, the database is back. Filed under "stupidly obvious"
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