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My two forms "frm_Saf_List" and "frm_Supplier_list" I created a macro that if there was a "record" it will say "open" and if not one it will say "new". this all works as it should. But when i click the new it opens a blank form as it should and i create a record and close the record it gives macro error and doesn't refresh the list as it should on the "frm_saf_list". On the frm_Supplier_list it gives that error along with the comment of field being too small.
can't find why it's doing this. Can someone help?
Jeff B.
We aren't there. We can't see what you're looking at.
When you say "click the <new>", what are you referring to?
Open "frm_saf_list"
The column "open" shows links. You should see a link that says "open" for 1 records and "new" for the next record. "open" opens teh Saf form like it should. "new" opens a blank form but gives macro error after entering information when you close the form.
oes that help?
Jeff B.
Let's see if I understand...
Y39;s see if I understand...
Your <new> macro actually does open the form it's supposed to.
You can actually enter data in that form.
When you try to close that form, you get an error message.
How are you trying to close the form? What's the exact text of the error message?
i just close the form from it's normal window. It's only when i click on the "new" link. it lets me enter the information and it adds it to the database like it should but gives this error when i close the form.
The message on the frm_saf_list" says:
Gives this error, see attachment image.
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