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Hey Guys,

Is it possible to take a text box calculated value from a report and append it to a field in a table?

Basically what I have is a report with a list of values. At the end of the report I have a sum of the values. I want to take this sum and append it to a field in my table

For example:
Total: 10

In my table I have tags and values:
Tag Value
T1 10
T2 0
T3 0

So I want the ability to take the summed value from the report and append it to my table as shown above. Hope that makes sense, Thanks guys.

Build a query, sum your data there and then append it.
Alright, Thanks
As a general rule, storing calculated values is a bad design. Therefore, while it is possible to do this, it is probably not a good idea to do it.

If you can count the values in the report, you can also count them in a query, as Milton suggested. And because you can count them ANYTIME you need to do so in that same query, it would be redundant to store that count in a table. Anytime you want to show the count, do so with that query.
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