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try to create a Combobox in a Web Form and can't find the option to select which Column used to Bound the selected Data to, in non Web Form there is an option for me to select Bound To column but this option is not show anywhere in the Web form or am I missing something.
Basically I have a Combo box to show two columns "Name" and "ID" when user click on the Combo box I want it to show the Name but when it saves the Data the column ID should be used to store into this Data field. Is this possible in Web form combo box?
Right now if I do this then it works
1 John Doe
2 Jane Doe
But I would like to show the Data this way in Combo box so user can enter a Name instead of a number
John Doe 1
Jane Doe 2
" this option is not show anywhere in the Web form or am I missing something."
orrect, this option is not available in web forms.
The solution is to use the Column Width property of the combo box to hide the first column. Set its width to 0".
Thanks for a quick reply, your option works, however I would loose the auto complete/suggestion feature available. For example as user start typing J... the combo box was suppose to show the first available J... in the list, for a short list it's ok but for a large list the AutoComplete/Suggestion is very important. In .NET MS has the option to select which column to boud the Data to. I guess they forgot to include this in Access 2010 Web Form.
I have no idea why MS decided not to make this option available, but I doubt it was an oversight. It might well have to do with the complexities of rendering an html form. It may reappear in a later, more mature version of Access, but it may not.
can't imagine why you would lose the auto expand option. It works against the First Visible Column, just as it does in the client.
Have you done some testing in your web database? Have you seen behavior other than as I have described?
I did, normally I can just enter J and the combobox will fill in the first available J and let me select, with the Web form I have to enter J, and then click on the drop down then I can see the list. No biggie just a minor set back but thanks for your solution by set the 1st column to 0, it works, now at least my combobox show the text values and not the numeric which doesn;t mean anything for the users
Huh, I hadn't noticed that behavior. Thanks for pointing it out.
On every instance where I have such combos so far in my web databases, these combos are used against small domain Lookup tables, so I hadn't seen this behavior in the same light. It is annoying, now that I think about it. And, with a large list it would be really unfortunate.
I guess it's time for a bit of research to see what the options might be. Thanks again.
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