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Hello everyone,
I am currently viewing several examples online of forms in datasheet view that have these "+" symbols that when clicked expand the line for more detail. I have a table and a query that have a list of clients with sales, and the clients broken out by sites. What I am trying to accomplish is a rollup by client that would have these "+" that when clicked would ungroup to show by site. If that makes sense, and I apologize, is it possible?
It is possible, but one has to use this feature with caution because it is "expensive" in terms of performance. In other words, with a small enough recordset, it works fine. However, the more records you have in the datasheet, the slower performance is going to be.
It's based on the "SubDataSheet" property of the table. What it does, in essence, is create a link behind the scenes between the two tables. Cool, but it means that Access has to drag BOTH sets of recordsets into the form every time you open it. It has been demonstrated that, over a network especially, you take a significant performance hit when you do it.
Depending on YOUR situation, it may or may not be worthwhile. I tend to think it's not, in most cases. Try it out and see what impact it has for you, but make sure you test in an environment that matches the one into which you will deploy the solution.
Thank you George, it's greatly appreciated.
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