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Hi! I have a form that pulls from a query. In the datasheet view of the query, all the data is displayed correctly. The form is used to view & enter information. However, for 2 check box controls, the data is not showing. None of the "trues" in the query display as checked boxes on the form for these two items. The properties are set the same as for all of the others that are working just fine.
Any ideas of what might be causing this, or advice on how to correct it, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
< Jess
Check boxes can be set for true/false, yes/no, or on/off.
heck the datatype in your table.
Then checkboxes are -1 for yes and 0 for no (in binary) so if worse comes to worst, put an IIF statement in your query.
IIF([yourfield]=-1, "yes","no")
couple of things to check...
1. make sure the control source of the problem check boxes point to field names in the query. sometimes names get changed or manipulated or depending how you added the controls they didn't match up correctly.
. Make sure the data is boolean and not actually True/False. Check boxes work best that way. The data should be either 0 (Zero,False), or -1 (True)
Hope this helps,
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