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I have a sub form with a combo box. It pulls data from a look up table, displaying an id number, but not a description. In the On Change event, I want another control on the subform (a text box) to get populated with the description from the drop down. My problem is that the change to the text box doesn't display unless I do a form.requery. When I do that, it always puts me back to the first record in the sub form, although I may have made the change to 4th or 10th or whatever record.
How can I update the one control without requerying the whole thing and losing my place on the sub form? Below is what I am currently doing:
Me!Notes_Committee = Me.cboExemptionID.Column(1)
Thanks in advance!
How about
In the After Update Event of the cbo
thanks for the suggestion - that actually has the same effect, and brings me back to the first record, rather than staying on the one I just changed.
What happens if you comment out
and just have Me.Requery in the After Update event?
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