I think preparing report in Access is too exhausting. It needs patience to create a good output. I have created a three pages report bearing only one ID no., what I did is to make one table for these reports and created also one form, then on the form, I put all the field list indicated in the 3 reports and separately created the output report. Problems I encountered is on the portion of comments box. In the table's field property, I selected memo as Data type and on the report itself, I selected "yes" to both Can grow and Can shrink under the comment box. When I tried typing many characters in the form's comments box and thinking to fill 2 to 3 pages of the comment box, I tried to preview the report and find out that the exceeding text in the comment box has forced to print in the next page but the border line is not captured, even I put a border line on the design, making the report in disorder and broken. Also in the property of the report itself, I make sure that the Page Header, Page Footer are both with All Pages selected and Grp Keep Together is also put on per page. Did I miss something to check inside the property. Any help is deeply appreciated.